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28 August 2018
Montpellier, France
INvertebrateIT Brokerage Event

Aquaculture is a necessary part of the quest for solutions for sustainable growth, food security and environmental stewardship. This applies at global level, and is particularly understood across EU Atlantic regions.

However, EU aquaculture, despite its quality and environmental standards, is stagnant. One of the main challenges is the rising cost, volatility and sustainability of fish feeds.

Invertebrates, such as insects and marine organisms, have been highlighted by top level institutions as a most promising and necessary part of food production chains, thanks to their high conversion factors, lesser environmental impact and unique assets for development led by SMEs. Trends and gaps in global markets point towards them to imminently disrupt current conditions.

The INvertebrateIT project, funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund to ‘transfer of innovative solutions to sea basin economies’, aims to help aquaculture operators mitigate their current dependence on costly, volatile, and often unsustainable fish feeds, to diversify their business and to contribute to a better management of marine resources.


This Brokerage and Match-making event at AQUA18 complements ongoing INvertebrateIT efforts to help three SMEs launch their innovative solutions in to the market; to help stakeholders meet and to raise general awareness to support a necessary and promising sub-sector. 


Closed since 27 August 2018


Montpellier, France

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